Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bomb Bread


I am officially back from my little blogging break. Midterms came up faster than I anticipated this semester!! Luckily, all went well and I am actually looking forward to my midterm grades for once! In addition to being busy at school, we have also had some things come up around the house as well. We purchased our first "adult" bed this month! How exciting!! I will be sharing photos soon of our new bedroom. I am so excited! We have been sleeping on a full sized bed for the last three years, and it feels wonderful to upgrade to a king! 

What else, what else. I am just excited about starting to blog again and have lots of stories ready to go. :] I will be playing around with the uploading schedule a little bit to try and see what works best for us, but I promise to write at least three times a week from here on out! 

So, with that, let's hop into the recipe today! 

This bread came about by complete accident. One day, when Josh and I were first living together, I made pasta for supper. I have always liked making my own garlic bread, so I put the butter on the bread and put it in the oven to warm up on broil. I started talking, and wasn't paying attention, shocker, and the bread started to burn! Josh, being the supportive man that he is, said he would still eat it, even though the ends were a little black. A little black is an understatement, they were like charcoal! But guess what? It ended up being so good!!!

I named it "Bomb Bread" because every time I make it, Josh takes one bite and says, "Bomb." Although the idea originally came from charcoal black bread, I make sure not to get distracted while it is baking so that we just get a little crisp instead of a lot of burn!

It is super easy to make. You can use any kind of bread that you like. The bread in the photo is ciabatta, but I have used rolls, french bread, even just regular sandwich bread. I really just use whatever I have on hand. The great thing about this recipe is that you can add garlic and parsley to your butter to make a garlic bread, or you can use just the butter. I recommend using the spreadable butter as it is MUCH easier than regular.

My best advice is to watch the bread closely. Broil is an interesting thing because there is a very fine line between delicious, crispy food and burnt to a crisp, throw it away food. I like to make ours in the toaster oven because it has a glass front so I can watch it without having to keep the oven door open. 

I hope you try this and love it as much as we do!

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