Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why I dislike Halloween...

Although I dislike Halloween, I do enjoy making my pets wear cute outfits, so here are my boys in their costumes. Binx is a bumblebee, Nicky is Superman, and Oliver has a shirt that says "This is my costume, do I look scary?"

So why do I dislike Halloween, you may be wondering. I don't necessarily dislike Halloween as a holiday, I dislike what Halloween has become.

Growing up in a Christian home, we were probably one of the few families that celebrated Halloween. We were allowed to dress up and go trick or treating, but we were not allowed to wear any costumes that were satanic or scary. Halloween was fun.

Growing up, I thought the rule was stupid, but now as an adult, I definitely understand. Have you been to a costume store this year? We went a few weeks ago just for something to do, and the costumes were so inappropriate. And not just the adult costumes, the kids costumes too! I don't think little kids should not be allowed to pretend to be murderers or wear costumes with blood and guts all over them or costumes with their stomachs showing...I just don't think it is appropriate. The adult costumes were much worse. What did they say in Mean Girls? Something about Halloween being an opportunity for girls to wear lingerie and animal ears and call it a costume. Whatever happened to modesty?

In the last few years, so much has been taken out of hand. Costumes are much scarier, haunted houses are much more realistic, girls walk around practically naked...I mean kids can't even enjoy getting candy because you have to check it for razor blades before they eat it. That is why I don't like Halloween. It is a holiday that has gotten out of hand. It just isn't fun anymore.

So, anyways, rant is over. I hope that you all have a Happy Halloween. Remember to bring a flashlight and stay safe!

Tomorrow, I will announce next month's theme, and will get back on my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting. See you then!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My afternoon...

Is it normal for cats to be absolutely obsessed with the toilet? Not necessary water but the flushing of the toilet. Ugh, because Oliver is. Every time someone flushes the toilet, he will run to the bathroom no matter what room he was in before.

At first, it was cute. He would stand there and watch the water spin around and around. But then, a few weeks ago, he decided he wanted to start touching the water...which is a problem. Number one, it's gross, let's be honest. Number two, we keep one of those little Clorox tabs in the tanks to help keep them clean, so it just isn't safe.

So, anyways, this afternoon...ugh, this afternoon was insane. I was in the bedroom doing laundry when all of a sudden I hear "PLOP." Oh, gosh. So, I run to the master bathroom to see little Oliver inside of the toilet desperately trying to get out. Apparently, I left the toilet seat open. I run over and grab him, and he starts trying to lick his Clorox and germ covered arms. So I run to the kitchen trying to hold his head away, set him in the sink, and turn on the water. Oliver hates water, ironically, so he starts freaking and trying to jump out of the sink. Eventually I just moved to the guest bathroom and put him in the tub so he couldn't jump out, but, of course, he still put up one hell of a fight--I have a gash on my arm and a ripped shirt to prove it!

As I am turning off the water, there is a knock on the door. I run into the hall to grab a towel, and they knock again. The dogs, who are both wearing anti-bark collars, start barking. I go outside in my soaking wet shirt with my soaking wet cat wrapped in the towel, crying. The mailman accidently gave us the mail for the people that live in our old apartment, so we took it over to there last night with a note for the new residents...who don't speak English and were confused as to why I had their mail. He was who was at the door, and I'm trying to explain to him in the little Spanish I remember why I have his mail when Nicky starts barking again, and gets shocked, which scares him so he starts screaming, which makes the collar shock him more and makes him scream louder. I told the man to hang on while I run inside to take the collar off him, he hasn't figured out yet that his barking is what causes the shocking so when he gets shocked he barks more. Ugh, it is a disaster. So, I take off the collar and go back outside to talk to the neighbor...Oliver still in my arms crying.

It was quite an eventful afternoon.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Bean Soup

We had an awesome supper tonight, totally by accident. I had class today and needed to make a quick meal. I literally grabbed a bunch of cans out of the pantry and dumped them in the crock pot. I was trying to make chili, but added too much water and ended up making soup.

I was pleasantly surprised that it actually tasted really great! It was a light taste, but was very filling. We had it with a great big salad. I wasn't planning on posting another recipe this week, but it looked so pretty and cheerful that I felt I had to share it.

Hubby's Opinion: 
"I like that you can taste all the spices. The tomatoes were the best part."