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Josh and I on our wedding day.
Meet Josh and Christina Morales

My name is Christina and this is my husband Josh. Together, we have three little boys...all with four legs and wagging tails. I love blogs, and love getting to know more about the people behind the computer. So, here is a little about us.

1. What made you decide to start this blog?  

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to write. I wrote for my high school newspaper for four years and even had an internship at the Las Vegas Review Journal my junior and senior year. Currently, I am a Journalism and Media Studies major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

I would love to eventually make this blog my full time job, but that is not why I am here. I write because I love it. This blog has become a place where I can combine my love of writing with my other passions in life. I love to craft, cook, and decorate my home. I am always trying to learn more about how to have a strong marriage. I am always trying to grow in my faith and become a stronger person. I love expressing my thoughts. I love sharing ideas. I love being creative. Writing gives me an outlet to do all of those things, and that makes me happy. 

  2. Where are you from?  

Half of my childhood was spent here in Las Vegas, NV. The other half was spent in Aberdeen, SD. Josh grew up in Camarillo, CA. 

  3. How did you and Josh meet? When did you get married?  

Josh and I met in high school. We started dating shortly after we graduated and dated long distance after Josh moved back to California. We got engaged in April 2011 and were married on October 27th, 2012.  

Josh is my very best friend. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. He has such a big heart. He supports me. He motivates me. He is such a joy to be around. He loves making people laugh and he is always that ray of sunshine in people's life. I am so truly blessed to have married such a wonderful man. 

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