Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Hello! Happy Tuesday!! And, happy first day of school UNLV! This semester is going to be totally different from any other, mainly because most of my classes are in the afternoon. Today I didn't go to school until 1p.m. when usually I am there at 8a.m. I couldn't believe how many people are on campus in the afternoon! I'm excited for a great semester, but will definitely have to get used to this new schedule as I will be going straight from school to work instead of having some time between the two.

I made an awesome lunch today! Since I had some time before heading off to school, I decided to start my morning watching some Youtube videos while unloading the dishwasher. There is a vlogger that I like named Nikki Phillipi. She recently posted a video about healthy snack food. Two of the recipes were for fresh pico de gallo and butter lettuce wraps. I'll link to the original video if you are interested. They looked amazing! We have been trying to cut out fast food all together, so I have been in search of some healthy alternatives. I tweeked the recipe a bit and made my own version. They turned out freaking awesome! I am seriously considering having some again for supper.

Side note: Josh and I upgraded our phones to the Galaxy Note 3, and the picture quality is Ah-mazing! So, that is very exciting!

I started with some butter lettuce as the "shell." I love this lettuce for two reasons; #1 because it still has the root in the package so it lasts forever, #2 it is just a better tasting lettuce, I think. Next, I added a slice of turkey to each shell. We use the Hormel Natural Choices deli meat because it has no sodium nitrates in it. I've read that it isn't that much healthier than other lunch meat, but I figure it can't hurt, right? Next, I added some bean sprouts. I finished it off with some homemade pico de gallo. I had some roma tomatoes in the fridge that needed to be used up, so it worked out perfectly.

You could definitely change up this recipe any way you'd like. In Nikki's video, she uses only turkey, tomatoes and cilantro. I think it would be great with some cucumber, olives and feta cheese. Mmm, that sounds good actually. Maybe some tomatoes, parsley, garlic and pepperoni instead of turkey. Yum.. I've got to stop. I'm getting hungry!

I really liked this lunch. It was filling, yet light, which I think makes for a perfect meal. I honestly didn't think Josh was going to like it, but to my surprise, he said it was "delicious!" I am excited to learn some new healthy lunch recipes!

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