Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Farmhouse Style Table

About a year ago, I bought these beautiful vintage blue lamps for the bedroom. One is short and wide with a great big lampshade. The other is tall and skinny with a tall lampshade. I have loved them since the day we bought them because they were so unique and added a lot of color to the room. The bedroom in our old apartment was a little larger than our bedroom now, and so, we were able to have the nightstands farther away from the bed. Since we moved, the short lamp has been driving me NUTS! Of course, it is on my side of the bed, and the lampshade is just too big and is always getting in the way no matter where I put it.

I'm sure you're wondering how this has anything to do with my kitchen table, but don't worry, I'm getting there. :p

The night before last, I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. After laying back down, I went to grab my phone off the nightstand to check the time and accidentally dropped it on the floor. Bending down to pick it up, I smacked my head right into the lampshade. Ouch. That was it, the last straw!! I decided right then and there that we would be making a trip to the thrift store in the morning to find a new lampshade. Sure enough, we found a smaller blue lamp with a smaller lampshade for my side of the bed. I moved the other lamp to the dresser where it can no longer attack me in the middle of the night.

After finding my new lamp, we decided to walk around for kicks and giggles just to kill some time. We went back into the furniture section, and there it was...the perfect bench for our new kitchen table. We have been looking for a bench or two head chairs since we bought this table over a month ago and hadn't found anything! I had pretty much given up searching for one and decided on attempting to build one.

The wood is the exact color of my other chairs, so they don't have to be painted. The fabric matches everything else in my kitchen so I don't need to reupholster it. It was meant for us! And that wasn't even the best part! The best part is that it was on sale! Originally $29, we got it for $22 with a 25% discount! Yea!

The bench is very comfortable and will allow our table to seat six instead of only four, just in time for friends to come over for game night!

Also, as you can see, Oliver has decided that it is his new favorite place in the house.

Oh! I haven't said anything about the actual table yet, I forgot I haven't showed it before. I have wanted a table like this ever since I first saw it on Pinterest. I just love farmhouse tables. They are so cozy and home-y. We found this guy at Deseret Industries a little over a month ago for $35!! Can you believe that? It was in great condition with only a few minor blemishes that came right off with my handy-dandy magic eraser.

{Side note-- Deseret is my new all time favorite thrift store. Oh my gosh, I have so much fun there. Everything is reasonably priced; I have never seen anything over $50 and most things are actually $1-$2. Also, they only sell good quality stuff there, unlike other thrift stores that will sell you something that is in horrible condition for one hundred bucks! They are owned by the LDS church, so I would assume that they are all over, but don't quote me on that. ;p I definitely recommend this store!}

You should have seen us trying to get this guy home, holy cow I'm sure we looked crazy! We bought it at the Deseret in North Las Vegas, so it was about a 30 minute drive back home. Josh and I took the legs off the table and slid it into the hatchback of our car. Ugh, it was only a few inches too long. Josh's motto is "If it doesn't fit, make it fit." So, he was determined to get this table home that night. He had me scoot the passenger seat ALL the way up, so that I was literally hanging on to the dash as he drove. It was so uncomfortable, but we laughed about it all the way home. We stopped at a light next to a car of teenage boys who were having a good laugh at our expense. Oh well, they were probably just jealous of my awesome new table! It sure was an adventure, let me tell you.

My favorite thing about this table are the drawers on the side. Currently, they are holding my placemats and chargers until I decide if I am going to use them or not. I also want to get some paper napkins and keep them in the one of the drawers as well. The left drawer is a little difficult to open, but my hubby is going to fix that for me, right dear? ;p

So, there it is, our new kitchen table that I have been promising to show you all month! I am in love with it. This morning, I sat at the bench and at my breakfast. This afternoon, Josh and I sat on the bench and ate lunch while watching the neighborhood kids play outside. It feels like home. I liked our old table, but it wasn't me. It was heavy, the glass was hard to keep clean as any little fingerprint would show up, and it only sat four. I love having lots of friends over with lots of food sitting family style in the middle of the table. I am so excited for this table. Yea!!

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