Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Love Winter Tag

Christina's Answers:

1. Do you like the cold?
Yes, I love the cold. I have always said: When it is cold, you can always add more layers, but when it is hot, you can only take so much off. Josh and I definitely live in the wrong city for that though. Someday, we plan to move back to the Midwest. I grew up in South Dakota, and it gets very, very cold there. I do miss waking up to snow on Christmas morning.  

2. What is your favorite part about Fall/Winter?

I have a lot of favorite things about this time of year. First, I love the changing of the leaves. Again, not something that happens very often in Las Vegas. Funny thing about Palm Trees is that they stay green all year. I love cuddling up in a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea. I love taking Christmas photos. I love watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. I love Thanksgiving. I love seeing all the houses decorated in lights. This truly is my favorite time of year. 

3. What is your favorite Winter drink?

I am not a Starbucks girl. I know, I'm like the one person in the world that doesn't like Starbucks. Almost everything I have tried there makes me sick, so I try to stay away. The one thing I have been liking a lot lately are the refreshers.

One of my favorite holiday drinks is the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate from Coffee is literally the greatest thing in the world. If you have never had it, get in your car, drive to Coffee Bean, and get it NOW! You will die! It tastes like warm red velvet cake in a cup. Yum!

My other favorite Winter drink is actually something I invented. I've included a diagram because I am a nerd. lol. I like to go to 7-11 and get a drink that is 1/3 hot chocolate and 2/3 peppermint mocha. It is so yummy! Adding the hot chocolate to the drink makes it a little less peppermint-y, which I like. 7-11 surprisingly has good coffee. Their pumpkin spice coffee is pretty good as well. The best part is that it is less than $2 for a large cup!

4. What is your favorite holiday activity?
I actually love Thanksgiving, maybe even, dare I say, a little more than Christmas. I love cooking and I love entertaining guests, which I'm sure comes as no surprise since I have a blog about food. Thanksgiving is like my dream holiday because it involves a lot of cooking and a lot of people! 

I also love going to see the holiday flowers at the Bellagio. That was one of my grandma's favorite things to do, so it has become one of mine as well. 

5. What is your favorite holiday scent?
I love Leaves from Bath and Body Works. I also love anything apple or pine tree. I actually stock up on holiday scents so that I can burn them year round. 

6. Does it snow where you live?
No. :( Once like every five years it snows here. The last time it snowed, I was in high school, so maybe we are due for a snow day! 

7. What is your favorite cold weather clothing?
I love scarves. My favorite has been infinity scarves. I also love to crochet scarves. I'm working on this really pretty dark purple one right now. I can't wait until it is finished! 

8. What is your favorite holiday memory?
My favorite holiday memory was spending Christmas at the South Point with my grandparents. We all got dressed up and went out to a fancy supper. It was something pretty normal at the time because I didn't know it was going to be one of her last holidays. Now, it is one of my favorite memories of her. She had always wanted to eat at this restaurant, so I'm glad we finally were able to before she passed away. 

9. Are you a fan of Ugg Boots?
Unfortunately, yes, I am a fan of Ugg boots. They are warm and comfy and are just perfect for cold days. 

10. Christmas is coming, do you have any idea what you want?
I want a sewing machine so badly! I told Josh that if Santa will bring me a sewing machine, he will bring Josh a sound bar for the TV. haha. 

So now it is your turn...I tag YOU! Leave a comment below with your answers. 


  1. I can understand so much how you feel about going to that restaurant with your Grandmother. You can't get those times back to make memories. I'll bet she's watching over you and knows you loved her very much. Now I'm going to bawl. I'm such a sentimental idiot. I cry when I'm reading a book when somebody has a bad time. What can I say. I was told I'm very compassionate, guess so.
    I've been to South and North Dakota in Winter. We were stuck at a truck stop for 4 days on Highway 90 outside Mitchell in 85 below wind chill. It was so darned cold we had to put cardboard on floor of the truck cab and sleeper. Hubs had to put special diesel in truck so it wouldn't freeze up, that engine wasn't turned of all that time. I still have wonderfully warm heavy parka I bought at that truck stop for $35 on sale. Not giving it up for anything. Haven't worn it as it doesn't get that cold here (west of Grand Junction, CO) but I'm not taking any chances. We lived in MT for 7 yrs. and I'd go back in heart beat. They haven't had winters like when we were there since we left. Believe me it was cold, 25 below during day the first winter and after had 40 below, etc. I found out what I was made of living there as I was alone for weeks at a time while hubs on the road, we lived in country out by Canyon Ferry Lake so I was alone alot. We'd moved to MT from San Diego area.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Thank you for your comment! I am a sentimental person too, so I totally get where you are coming from!! I'm a cry bay too. Lol that sounds about right for a South Dakota winter! Boy, was it cold there!

  3. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I hope you have a wonderful, WARM day!!